Author: Alina Haizar
•2:13 PM
Title: Aku Yang Kau Tinggalkan

Author: Alina Haizar

No. of Pages: 758 pages

Publisher: Kaki Novel

This is the first novel I read from this writer and it really didn't disappoint me.

As a fanatic reader, any readers infact, this is one novel you have to read.

And what makes this novel different from others is that the 'setting'.

The author managed to 'introduce' Turin, Italy and its famous cities to the readers.

And who doesn't love Italy?

For someone with an expanding imagination, I can just feel it!

The cities are historic,

the fashions are brilliant

and the men are so yummy-licious!! =D

Back to the novel, seriously, it had been listed into one of my top favorite novels!


And you can read the first few chapters online.

Feel free to click on the links above =)
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